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Written and photographed by Baille Gelwicks.


My second day started at 9 am and ended at 9 pm with five fashion shows on my agenda. The first being Ruffian which turned out to be one of my favorite collections. With “Toile” being the theme, you really can’t go wrong in my opinion, especially when paired with boudoir inspired lace, silk touches, and Chuck Taylors.

Next show was Son Jung Wan, a Korean designer with an eye for color and an interest in dressing women’s many desires and moods – from wanting to dress feminine and pretty, to sexy, to classic and timeless. A short break and then off to see Mara Hoffman whose collection said “Aloha from New York”.  This was my first show in which I could say the designer took her show to the next level with the addition of a ukulele band playing to introduce her Polynesian themed collection. Full of breezy maxi dresses, bathing suits and island prints, I was quite sure I must have one for myself come 2013. Now if only one could pull off a palm leaf headpiece in real life and I could take the runway to the streets.

With that show over with, I was on my way to an off-site show at Pier 94 to see the biggest name on my list, Alexander Wang. Shades on and head-to-toe black, I walked into what I thought was a sauna, but just turned out to be the a non air-conditioned and fan free pier that would be the location for the show (we do it in the name of fashion).  The fashion show started and Wang’s signature masculine featured models walked the diamond shaped runway in sharp, military-esque Wang fashion. Wang always delivers a unique show. Void of any color vaguely reminiscent of Spring, he sticks to black, white, and nude tones. It is this factor that makes him so extraordinary in my opinion.  He does not rely on color or pattern of any fabric, but on the ingenuity of the shapes and intricate details he creates.

Exiting the show I now have to figure out how to make my way back to Lincoln Center. Easy, right? Wrong. I am at the Piers in New York, just leaving one of the most anticipated fashion shows at Fashion week, and it’s raining and I have to somehow find a cab. After 20 minutes of watching occupied cabs drive past me, I decided to take my life into my own hands and take a pedicab. Did I mention New York was in the middle of a tornado watch (we do it in the name of fashion).

Finally safe and back at Lincoln Center, I met up with the rest of the Fashiontographer crew to see Venexiana. What a great way to end the day – second row, a swag bag, and a beautiful show filled with luxurious gowns. After the show we head over together for some much needed food and time off our feet.


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