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Written and photographed by Baille Gelwicks.


My final day at Fashion Week began early. Starting with a fashion show at 9 am, I dropped off my bags at fellow Fashiontographer Lisa’s hotel located three blocks down from the Lincoln Center at 8:30 in order to save time and hopefully catch an early train back to DC after my last show of the day. My first show of the day and ironically the first invite I received for fashion week was Norisol Ferrari.

It was this show that automatically made me a huge fan of this designer and without doubt my favorite show of the season. The music, her designs, and the entire concept for the show was spectacular. It was just as much theater as it was Fashion. I could go on forever about this show so look out for the runway review of the show soon to come. I met with Lais after the show to go backstage at Carlos Miele before his show. This was my first backstage experience and definitely one to remember. To my left there was a publication filming an interview with the make-up artist for the show. To my right there was a model getting her hair, make-up, and nails done all at the same time and all the way in the back of the room were the clothes arranged according to the models who would wear them.

The show was about to start and so we were funneled out to the stage to take our seats. Sitting second row again, but this time, I was diagonal from none other than the beautiful Paula Abdul, who was there to support the fellow Brazilian designer. After the show was over, Lais and I promptly headed backstage again where we successfully managed to land an interview with Carlos Miele, despite the chaos and hoards of publications looking to do the same.

Chado Ralph Rucci was next and was said to be “the show to see”. I absolutely loved the mirrored backdrop that was used in this show. It gave an almost futuristic tone to the show. Accents of neon colors mixed in with black and white popped on the runway. Excited to see that neons will still be around next season. The last two shows of the day, which again I had seats for, were Reem Acra and Joanna Mastroianni, making for a hassle-free end to my last day. Reem Acra I utterly adored as it highlighted my favorite color combination of black, white, and red. Very well done. Joanna Mastroianni took inspiration from the garden for a very feminine and whimsical collection.

Still on a high from the week’s activity, I hurried to grab my bags from the hotel and take a cab over to Penn Station in hopes of not having to settle for my scheduled 10pm train back. Getting in at 1:30am and not getting home until 2am does not a happy-next-day back to work make. I got to the train station at 6:25pm and was fortunate enough to grab the last available train at 6:45pm. That’s it. It was all over. I was on my way back to DC. Let the planning for F/W 2013 begin!


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