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Special thanks to all the media companies, journalists, reporters, photographers, writers, family, friends, and clients who have supported both Shoot for Change and Fashiontographer.

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NBC WASHINGTON:  “Software engineer for Oracle by day, fashiontographer and philanthropist by night, the impeccably dressed Grio tapped into photography after a business trip in 2006 to Stockholm.”
THE GEORGETOWNER: “His latest project salutes a gallery of 15 Washington philanthropist and non-profit leaders, shining a little light and giving a little credit to the people who do a lot for a lot of people.”
IN THE CAPITAL: “DC Trendsetters: Influential ‘Fashiontographer’ Walter Grio Shoots for Change”
REFINERY 29:  “Fashiontographer Launches In D.C.: Get Snapped!”
WUSA9: Photo exhibit, Project Inspiration, Inspires Giving
SEATTLE MET MAGAZINE:   “Grio launched this District of Fashion concept on the other coast. As he was planning a visit to Seattle to see his family, he figured you might like it, too.”
THE GEORGETOWN DISH:  “Walter Grio Shooting for Change One Click at a Time”
THE GEORGETOWNER:  “Behind the Lens at Fashion Week NYC”
ENGAGED WITH A CAUSE:  “Changing the World: One Click at A Time”
ASK MISS A:  “Fashiontographer Hosts Charity Fashion Event At Seattle’s Triple Door Lounge”
PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER MAGAZINE:  “Shooting for Change: Walter Grio Donates What He Earns from Photography”


NBC WASHINGTON:  “A Philanthropist by Accident” – interview about Shoot for Change after the first exhibit in Washington, DC.
NBC WASHINGTON: “Talent Gets Better with Age” – on-air TV interview about the Residents Artists at the Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt home.
THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER:  “The 3 Minute Interview: Walter Grio”
K STREET MAGAZINE:  District Dish video interview at Chef Geoff’s in Washington, DC.
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MODERN LUXURY: coverage of the American Ballet Theatre Cocktail Reception
K STREET MAGAZINE: “ABT Shoots for Change in DCA”
REFINERY 29: JIMMY CHOO and Nival Salon event benefiting the Shoot for Change Scholarship at the JKO School at American Ballet Theatre
GUEST OF A GUEST: JIMMY CHOO and Nival Salon event benefiting the Shoot for Change Scholarship at the JKO School at American Ballet Theatre
NBC WASHINGTON: JIMMY CHOO and Nival Salon event benefiting the Shoot for Change Scholarship at the JKO School at American Ballet Theatre
BLOOMBERG: Peacock Cafe “Mad Men” event benefiting the Shoot for Change Scholarship at the JKO School at American Ballet Theatre
BISNOW DC: Peacock Cafe “Mad Men” event benefiting the Shoot for Change Scholarship at the JKO School at American Ballet Theatre
THE GEORGETOWN DISH: Peacock Cafe “Mad Men” event benefiting the Shoot for Change Scholarship at the JKO School at American Ballet Theatre
THE GEORGETOWN DISH: Crisis Link photo exhibit
GUEST OF A GUEST: Fashion for Paws fundraiser
KING5 NEWS: The Triple Door “Mad Men” event in Seattle
K STREET MAGAZINE: Gift of Life Project launch
EXAMINER: Project Inspiration photo exhibit
MODERN LUXURY: Project Panda event
BISNOW: Project Panda event
THE GEORGETOWN DISH: Article about the Shoot for Change exhibit and the LLDH home Resident Art Show
K STREET MAGAZINE: Article about the Shoot for Change exhibit and the LLDH home Resident Art Show
BISNOW: Article about the Shoot for Change exhibit and the LLDH home Resident Art Show
THE GEORGETOWN DISH: Prelude to a Royal Wedding event benefiting Capital Breast Care Center
WUSA9: Photo exhibit “A Thousand Words” benefiting Capital Breast Care Center
WHAT’S HOT WASHINGTON: Photo exhibit “A Thousand Words” benefiting Capital Breast Care Center
NBC WASHINGTON: Photo exhibit “A Thousand Words” benefiting Capital Breast Care Center
K STREET MAGAZINE: Photo exhibit “A Thousand Words” benefiting Capital Breast Care Center
ENGAGED WITH A CAUSE: Photo exhibit “A Thousand Words” benefiting Capital Breast Care Center
BISNOW: Photo exhibit “A Thousand Words” benefiting Capital Breast Care Center
ASK MISS A: BoConcept event
NBC WASHINGTON: First exhibit in Washington, DC
THE GEORGETOWN DISH: First exhibit in Washington, DC
K STREET MAGAZINE:  “Grio Shoots for Change, Lands Among the Stars.”: First exhibit in Washington, DC
BISNOW: First exhibit in Washington, DC



THE GEORGETOWNER:  photos and article by Walter Grio about Pink Martini and Ari Shapiro.
SEATTLE MET MAGAZINE:  Walter Grio’s photographs of the Luly Yang show are featured in the magazine.
THE GEORGETOWNER: photos from New York and Berlin fashion week.
THE WASHINGTONIAN:  The Washingtonian’s favorite photograph from FotoWeek DC
WASHINGTON LIFE MAGAZINE:  “Fashion Week is Here”  Photos from MBFW New York A/W 2011.
WASHINGTON LIFE MAGAZINE:  “Menswear goes both ways”  Photos from MBFW New York A/W 2011.
VOGUE ITALIA:  photograph #6 featured in Vogue Italia’s PhotoVogue.
VOGUE ITALIA:  photograph #5 featured in Vogue Italia’s PhotoVogue.
VOGUE ITALIA:  photograph #4 featured in Vogue Italia’s PhotoVogue.
VOGUE ITALIA:  photograph #3 featured in Vogue Italia’s PhotoVogue.
VOGUE ITALIA:  photograph #2 featured in Vogue Italia’s PhotoVogue.
VOGUE ITALIA:  photograph #1 featured in Vogue Italia’s PhotoVogue.



KYLE Y. RIDAUGHT, Director of Development, American Ballet Theatre

It has been a pleasure welcoming Walter Grio to the ABT family. His enthusiasm for ABT is inspiring. Through Walter’s efforts, the Shoot for Change Scholarship has provided ABT’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School with a full tuition scholarship, which has been awarded to a very deserving and talented student for the 2012-2013 school year. We are deeply grateful for Walter’s wonderful support of ABT and look forward to welcoming more students to study at the JKO School with the financial assistance of the Shoot for Change Scholarship.



Meeting Walter Grio was one of those “WOW” moments for us. Not only is he one of the most talented photographers we have ever known but his compassion, his consciousness of others, and generosity truly brings happiness and awareness to people he connects with. We were honored to host the Washington DC debut of his professional photography collection for Shoot for Change and still have the immense privilege to have his famous Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York shots beautifully exhibited at Peacock Café. Through those exhibits only, his name and his organization have made a lot of difference for many and even grabbed the attention of international dignitaries. We are very proud of him and hope that his work keeps on inspiring others everyday.


ANGELA M. STEEVER, Director of Contracts, A.T. Kearney

Since its inception, Shoot for Change (SFC) has challenged people to “be the possibility” in and around the Washington DC area. Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to work with SFC founder, Walter Grio, on various projects. Consistently, Walter has given 100% of all proceeds to my designated charity. Not only have the events been heartfelt and impactful, but it’s clear SFC is sincere in its desire to help others. Some of my favorite events include the A Thousand Words exhibit which raised breast cancer awareness, and the SFC Family Day in McLean, which raised over $1,300 for orphanages overseas. I’m proud to be associated with SFC and agree that anyone can be the possibility!


PRECIOUS MIZELL THOMAS, Manager, BoConcept Georgetown

BoConcept Georgetown has had the pleasure of partnering with Shoot for Change on several occasions over the last year and a half. Walter Grio has a heart of pure gold and it is an inspiration to see him commit his time, energy and talents to numerous deserving organizations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. BoConcept salutes you Walter and wishes you continued success.


SUSANNAH FOX, Director of Development (Former), Capital Breast Care Center

Shoot for Change has enabled the stories behind the faces of members of our community to be told in an inspiring, compassionate and professional way. Capital Breast Care Center is pleased to partner with such a forward thinking organization. In addition, Capital Breast Care Center is very fortunate to consider Walter Grio a key supporter and stakeholder of the Center. Walter’s initial collaboration with Jennifer Harlow for a Family Photo Day in 2010 to benefit CBCC has blossomed into multiple well-executed events raising critical awareness and funds for CBCC. Between October 2010 and December 2011, he helped raise nearly $15,000 for CBCC’s programs and services. Walter’s dedication, desire to help others, and sheer authenticity make him a joy to work with. Thank you!


PETER HOGENSON, Board Member and Secretary, New Horizons Ministries

Walter brought Shoot for Change out to Seattle where New Horizons Ministries serves homeless youth and did a photo shoot for a number of families who had signed up. Over $4,000 was raised during this event and everyone was very pleased with their photos. Walter is great to work with, an excellent photographer and someone who understands that part of the reason we are in this world is to serve others. I highly recommend Walter and Shoot for Change.


NANCY MIYAHIRA, Marketing Director, Georgetown Business Improvement District

Shoot for Change is an impressive organization – in mission and in execution – and largely due to its founder, Walter Grio. When most people talk about wanting to give back, they figure out ways to give some time or some money. With Shoot for Change, you have all of the heart and soul of Walter and his time and commitment, plus his many fans and followers, who are inspired by him. It’s been an absolute pleasure to support Shoot for Change and work with Walter Grio.


ANDREW BRIGGS, President, Freedom in Creation

My experience working with “Shoot for Change” has been remarkably enriching. In addition to benefiting tangibly with professional photographs that will serve Freedom in Creation, I have been introduced to a dynamic team of creative philanthropists and humanitarian types who some now serve as advocates for the organization. Thank you Walter for your innovative and creative approach to uniting communities for good through “Shoot for Change.”


SORAYA RADWAN, Shoot for Change client (Washington, DC)

What Walter Grio and Shoot for Change does is undeniably, the most authentic and altruistic way to give to local non-profit organizations. In the relatively short time he has accomplished so much and leaves the rest of us in awe. I’m honored to have participated in many of his creative projects and look forward to what he has planned for the future (surely to keep everyone impressed). Way to go Walter!


NINA HECKT, Shoot for Change client (Vienna, Austria)

Shoot for Change is a great way to unite the modeling job and to give something back at the same time. It feels great being able to do something with a meaning and to get such wonderful pictures at the same time. Walter is a brilliant photographer and great fun to work with! In addition, Walter photographed our wedding in Vienna, Austria and we are still stunned by the beauty of the pictures he took. He has a great eye for the moments that count and for details you would forget later on. He has the gift to capture emotions and make you re-live them when the pictures hang framed in your living room. The concept of SFC ist just great. It feels easy to give money for good causes that you can freely choose.


SHANNON RUSBULDT, Fashion Model and Founder, Fashion’s Fight

I consider it an honor to work with Walter and Shoot for Change. Organizations like his prove that you can follow your passion in life while helping others. His talent is extraordinary and his heart is bigger than words can describe. Shoot for Change has been instrumental in helping our organization achieve its goals and we only wish the best for Shoot for Change in its future endeavors.


LAIS LACHER, Shoot for Change client (Washington, DC)

I first met Walter Grio at the Shoot For Change 10×10 event held at Puro Cafe in 2010. Since meeting Walter at that event, I have done several photo shoots with SFC including a Breakfast At Tiffany’s themed photo shoot as well as a Painted Veil themed shoot. Walter was fun to work with and the images from all of the shoots were beautiful. I gave one of the photos as a gift to a family member that was personal in that it was an image of me and that the proceeds for the purchase of the photo went to a charity that was meaningful to them. Walter is a truly talented and compassionate individual and Shoot For Change is a great organization that has both integrity and style.


KATE MARIE GRINOLD, Director of Development (Former), FAIR Girls

I have watched Walter’s star rise in the photography world and while I continue to be impressed by his talent and abilities, I am even more impressed by his dedication to the greater DC community. Walter has raised over $100K for local non-profits, FAIR Girls included, and I can personally attest to what a difference he is making in the lives of others.


KIPP BURGOYNE, Photographer

I’ve followed the great work of Shoot for Change for about two years. I’ve been touched by Walter Grio’s selflessness, kindness, and professionalism. I’ve happily watched as Walter effectively has used his innate, powerful photographic talent and wonderful, whimsical creativity to materially enhance the fundraising efforts of many charities. Without hesitation, I can say Shoot for Change and Walter have inspired me as a person and as a photographer. I look forward to what I know will be continued success in many more projects in the future.


LINDSEY MASK, Founder, Ladies DC and Ladies America

Conceptually, Shoot for Change is brilliant! Using the gift of photography and the arts as an avenue for philanthropy and charitable giving is a nicely tweaked, well-received concept. Beyond that, Shoot for Change continues to raise and surpass any bar set by identifying meaningful, well-run, quality non-profits to support, while also creating strategic alliances with core groups, people and organizations in and around Washington, D.C. Ladies DC has had the great fortune to partner on a number of events with Shoot for Change, and without fail, the events are stellar, organized, raise substantive funds and gain media attention.


AMELIA RUZZO, Shoot for Change client (Washington, DC)

Shoot for Change took my recent wedding pictures and in so doing inspired me to make a contribution to Capital Breast Care Center. Naturally, I wanted my wedding to be a start as a new chapter in my life but also, I wanted to mark the occasion as special beginning for other women as well. So I am hopeful my Shoot for Change contribution may ultimately provide life-saving mammograms and thus start a new chapter for another woman who may not have been able to afford preventative care and diagnostics.


ELAINE MENSAH, Founder & Fashion Director, SVELTE, LLC

Shoot for Change is a wonderful organization that has brought a unique energy and enthusiasm to the DC fashion scene. Walter’s ability to use his photographic talent to raise money for various charities is remarkable. I am consistently impressed by his boundless sense of creativity and his selfless generosity.



Shoot for Change has photographed my Peruvian jewelry collection beautifully. The images are crisp, modern and artsy. Walter has a great eye and is very professional. He creates a comfortable ambiance for a photo shoot. He shot my Spring and Summer jewelry catalogue which has received many compliments. I look forward to working with him again in the future at various trunk show and events. Thank you Shoot for Change.


JENI GAMBLE, Executive Director (Former), Washington Empowered Against Violence (WEAVE)

Being a part of Shoot for Change and working with Walter Grio has truly been a privilege for WEAVE and for me personally. The difference one person with a vision can make, and the waterfall of goodwill that comes from Walter’s genuine kindness and generosity, is exactly what we have experienced. Beginning with one single event with Shoot for Change, WEAVE has developed new relationships, new opportunities, new supporters and engaged our community in new and exciting ways. Shoot for Change has impacted our work in so many ways and we could not be more supportive and enthusiastic about its future! Thank you Walter!!!


KATELYN GIMBEL, Media Relations (Former), L2 Lounge

Working with Walter on previous Shoot for Change events has been a sheer delight. His innovation and drive is inspiring. The management team of L2 Lounge welcomes the opportunity to continue the relationship and create many more successful SFC events.


WARD OREM, CEO, Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home

Sometimes miracles do happen. Sometimes someone so special, so dynamic, so sincere in their desire to help others comes along and truly rocks your world. That happened to this facility in the form of our nominee for Volunteer of the Year for 2011. It is not often that one finds in someone so young such an amazing willingness to give in both time and talent. By day, this young man works a full-time job in the information technology field; by night, he runs a photography business where all the money he earns goes to charities he supports.

We were extraordinarily fortunate to have him discover us in the course of doing a charity photo shoot at another DC nonprofit. He was so taken by what he heard about our facility that he contacted us and asked if he could help us in our fundraising efforts. And his involvement was not just personal. He reached out to others among his circle of friends and acquaintances and told them about us, urging them to become our supporters as well. He sought out other volunteers to assist us in our spring fundraising event including a vocalist, a portrait artist, a videographer, a writer, and members of the local media. His impact on this facility in terms of spreading our message of service to the elderly of DC has been immense but we aren’t alone in benefiting from his involvement. His philanthropic efforts extend across the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, helping to raise more than $60,000 for various non-profit organizations since 2006.

But the money he has helped us raise and the exposure his efforts have provided this facility aren’t this individual’s only gifts. He has taken the residents into his heart and has demonstrated a pureness of spirit that is almost too good to be true. He loves interacting with the seniors and takes the time to really listen to their stories and their own histories. He is genuinely one of the kindest and most selfless individuals we have ever encountered. He is already helping us to plan an especially large anniversary gala and remains committed to seeing to it that our viability as a long term care institution is protected for future generations of the city’s elderly. He has raised the bar against which all other volunteers to this facility will be measured. Words are frankly insufficient to express our gratitude for what he has done and what he continues to do on behalf of this facility and those we serve. It gives us great pleasure to nominate this exceptional young man for DCHCA’s Volunteer of the Year.

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