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Photographs by Anastasia Lambrou. Text and styling by Anastasia Lambrou.

Accessorizing is what I turn to when it comes to wardrobe versatility. I also pick out key items that can be dressed up or dressed down, and can even be seasonally versatile. I like items that can be matched easily with others, like the waterfall tie-waist jacket featured in two of the pictures. It goes well with a casual look, it can dress up a casual item, and it certainly fits well for more dressy occasions.

When buying accessories and clothing for that matter, it is important to buy in sync with what you already own. If it doesn’t go with anything, will you ever actually end up wearing it? Buy clothing and accessories that compliment or update other items that you already have, but that isn’t to say you shouldn’t explore a new look!

As you can tell I love layering. Whether it is with clothing, accessories, or even the fabrics themselves. I love texture, and layers add texture and make an outfit interesting. Don’t be shy to wear more than one necklace if they work well together, throw on a ruched scarf, or my favorite, layering with square vintage scarves.

Making an item stand out can be achieved by matching it with a top or bottom that picks up certain colors in the fabric. I matched the yellow ruffle skirt with a lot of white because the skirt has white in it and the white really brings out the colors in the skirt. I did the same with the long pink ruffle skirt that has light creamy colors in it, much like the jacket and the silky top underneath it.

Lastly, picking out a great bag is tricky. You need a bag that suits your style and usually the color black is the most versatile. I have picked out a few classic style bags that will likely stand the test of time and work well with my color palette. If you have any questions or what some ideas for your wardrobe feel free to contact me and Id be glad to give you some tips!

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