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Written and photographed by Danielle Green.
Edited by Lais Lacher.

Backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Katya Leonovich was bubbling with cool confidence and mannerisms reminiscent of a smooth pirate Jack Sparrow. Her carefree sense of confidence and passion for art and progression were evident in her creations when they swept the runway. From buttery-soft lavender leather to flowy dresses covered in digital prints of her paintings, the collection was artistically innovative and displayed mysterious details that only a visionary could articulate. Textured sheer fabrics in cracked coral, varying shades of nude, silver and turquoise balanced against steel blue satin and velvet. Leather also made its appearance in gold, lavender, coral and black. Flowy details were offset by stitched corset-like closures. The character of the collection was soft and edgy. Flirty frocks contrasted with sleek silhouettes as Katya combined femininity with strength by the touch of her own hands, literally. A painting of her hands was spun into a pattern then digitally printed on the collection. Reaching deeper into symbolism to show her flair for innovation, Katya truly made her mark.

“Past winner of the Mittelmodal Prize, the Smirnoff International Competition, the Nadejda Lamanova Prize of the Russian Federation and Supima’s inaugural Competition for Emerging Designers, Katya developed her techniques in couture design while in Paris, Rome and her hometown of Moscow.

The introduction of Katya’s couture bridal collection allows for her edgy and dynamic forms to be joined with the traditional concept of bridal wear; while still expressing her signature BEAUTIFUL GARBAGE concept: the embedding of fabrics such as gauzes, chiffons and silks with an assortment of materials including torn paper, bits of fur, pieces of aluminum, strands of cotton, feathers and fringes.” – from www.katyaleonovich.com

What’s your inspiration?
My signature is like a painter, I put some of my paintings and digital print them onto my silks. This time I also printed my hands on my dresses. I made an installation on paper with my hands. So basically, I touch my dresses with my hands.

What should we expect from your show?
This woman — she is more glamorous, she is a more expensive woman than the previous collection. It’s like partly resort so she can have fun, but there are also dresses in an A -line shape so she can also be sophisticated at special events.

So you’ve come a long way with your designs, how has your line evolved?
My goal is to sell at Bergdorf Goodman — this is a goal — the finishing and a lot of handwork and a very short addition of the dresses I want to sell, for special clients. Really small and very private and nothing to do with mass production.

Who are your celebrity wish list clients?
Carrie Underwood has recently bought my dress; Kat Deluna has bought my dress. And some European celebrities that aren’t as famous in America.

Any celebrities that you would want to wear your dresses in the future.
Johnny Depp! Ha-ha, he can handle it, he can handle anything.

Great answer! List three things on your buckets list.
I want to take a shuttle and go to space and never return, that will be the last one. I have never been to Australia; I want to go to Australia. And I really like animals and I would love to have a farm like a really huge zoo.

Interview with Moiz Alladina. Moiz Alladina works for Oribe Hair Products

What’s your inspiration for the hair?
Katya was my inspiration ha-ha! It was her vision and mine as well. Pompadour meets punk meets Katya.

What was your inspiration for the makeup?
Katya had an inspiration already, very fresh dewy skin focus on the eyes not a whole lot of eyeliner. Just enough to pop it a little bit. Very natural and subtle.

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