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Story and photos by Walter Grio.
More photos below.

When we arrived at Zuhair Murad’s showroom in Paris, I noticed the dresses along the wall. I knew that there wouldn’t be a runway show, but I thought at least that I could photograph some of his dresses. They’re so incredibly amazing that even if the dresses were simply hanging on a rack, you’re still in awe with the craftsmanship and the details.

As I was about to start, they said that there would be a model coming out. I started to take photos of the model when I noticed a second model coming out. Then another one came. Then another. Then another.

All of a sudden, I realize that I am photographing top fashion models all decked out with beautiful hair and makeup — wearing Zuhair Murad’s entire Fall/Winter 2013 Prêt à Porter collection — in his showroom in Paris — while Mr. Zuhair Murad himself is there watching us. Are you kidding me?

When the shock subsided, I found myself directing his models to look this way or turn that way or move a certain way. At this moment, I am not able to (or perhaps ever) properly articulate to anyone the significance of this opportunity and what it means to me.

Without doubt, meeting Mr. Zuhair Murad and being invited to photograph his collection are by far two of the most (if not the most ever) satisfying experiences I have ever had as a photographer since I started Fashiontographer. To take the words of Alexandra Pullen, the Shoot for Change Scholarship recipient at American Ballet Theatre, “Even if I never get an opportunity to go again, this amazing experience will stick with me for the rest of my life.”

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