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waiting area

Written by Jennifer Harlow. Photos courtesy of The Spa Room.

Is there any better time to live in our nation’s capital than spring time? I think not. As the lingering effects of the long frozen tundra melt away and the bursting of the cherry blossoms are upon us, spring in Washington DC offers a sense of renewal of the mind, rejuvenation of the spirit, and revitalization of the body.

Like so many fast-paced Washingtonians with accelerated lifestyles, juggling contract deadlines, immediate responses to emails and texts, and busy social calendars — we all barely have time to indulge in relaxation and self nourishment — a necessity for well-being and the balancing of stress in a competitive and active Washingtonian life.

With that said, in the spirit of cherry blossoms and self nourishment, I was thrilled to spend a Friday afternoon date with my first true love — myself — at The Spa Room, a boutique wellness studio located in Washington DC, while indulging in an eighty minute customized massage by The Spa Room founder, Mary Szgeda.

Upon entering the boutique wellness center, one is immediately transformed into a zen-like atmosphere — with the quietness of the room, the aromatic lit candles, and the organic green tea that was offered to me as I sat in the waiting room. Situated on the coffee table in front of me lay a gratitude journal welcoming visitors to write a spontaneous grateful thought.

treatment room

Greeted by founder, Mary Szgeda, founder and massage therapist, I knew that I would literally be in good hands for the next 80 minutes. Her philosophy behind The Spa Room is based on three principles: simplicity, authenticity, and self expression. Her sentiments are to incorporate massage into a person’s lifestyle as not necessarily a form of pampering or luxury, but as a part of overall well being.

According to Szgeda, “The word spa was originally meant to describe a destination where people could come to connect and be nourished by their natural environment. Spa was associated with the concept of coming together in community to participate in healing practices. Our goal was to recreate that original intention of ‘spa’ as retreat within the confines of our wonderful, but often too busy city.”

Although The Spa Room offers an abounding array of massage therapy styles and techniques, my session consisted of a customized CranioSacral Therapy with precise relaxation elements. The experience reawakened every inch of my nervous system and provided a soothing cocktail that provided a sense of calmness and serenity.

Just like the earth nourishes the roots of the effervescent cherry blossoms bursting in the spring, it is also necessary to nourish the body with the quietness of the mind and relaxation through massage therapy. It’s never too late to treat yourself to a day of replenishment and revitalization at the The Spa Room.

For more information or to book your appointment, please visit: The Spa Room.

4115 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Suite 102
Washington, DC 20016
Phone: 202-241-6095

Jennifer Harlow joined TTR Sotheby’s International Real Estate in 2010. Her background in investment property sales, researching demographic trends and market analysis has given her a solid foundation to transition into residential property sales. With total commitment to her client’s professional and personal goals, Jennifer is a highly dedicated and successful associate, actively involved in many diverse aspects of the Washington DC area.

Jennifer is an active runner, practitioner of yoga and finds great pleasure in experiencing and sharing in the rich and culturally diverse aspects of the metropolitan Washington DC area. She enjoys international travel with her family, eclectic cuisine and volunteering within her community.

For questions about the article, please email Jennifer Harlow at jharlow [at]

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