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Stéphane Rolland Couture Fall 2013. Photos and text courtesy of Stéphane Rolland.

For this winter 2013-14 season, the Stéphane Rolland woman traces her path like a stroke of ink with the essence of her identity, in an almost Velasquez-esque hieratical figure, such as a Royal Infanta.

Sheathed with black shades or wrapped in midnight blue, the figure is minimal and sensuous while maintaining a noble ambition. This season’s highlights are ultra-graphic pleated collars and plastrons, made out of traditionally glazed white silk faille, applied on the chest to create a sculptural effect.

Black silk satin modules emerge from the torso, translucent kaleidoscopes splash an ocean-blue skirt, black rhodoid flames erupt from a gazar volute while indigo vinyl scales wine around the body. This same body, protected, chaste and shameless at the same time, is alternately veiled and unveiled with frosted chiffon and tulle mosaics.

Tube pants step under ball gowns. Tuxedo lapels, one of Stéphane Rolland’s signature features, are placed under a throat or run down the leg to punctuate the tempo of the walk.

Finally, the only but yet essential accessories for this Collection are belts made out of optical glass mirrors, which reflect bursts of light radiating from black silhouettes.

The all rigorous cut is assertive and strict, but voluptuous and well balanced at the same time. For this Winter Couture Collection, the look is austere but terribly sensuous, femininity is taken to a new level, never achieved before.

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