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Written & photographed by Sarah Harlow. 10 years old.  Sponsored by TTR Sotheby’s International Realty – Jennifer Harlow.

In Paris, I went to a fashion show with my Mom. After getting out of the taxi, we stood in a very long line filled with many fashionable people. We were at Garage Turenne, a place where a Japanese designer was showing her first collection in Paris.

After about five minutes, a man dressed in all black, came up to me and asked for my invitation. He looked like a security guard and we looked at him like we were in trouble. What did we do? I handed him our invitation and he gestured to follow him up the long slope and through a dark tunnel. We entered into a long narrow room that was dimly lit. There were chairs on each side of the room and a white long runway ran down the middle. There were people standing around talking, while others were sitting in their seats looking fashionable.

The man walked us to our seats and then I looked up and saw my Mom’s friend, Walter. He is a photographer. I saw Charlie too, a high fashion designer who is really pretty and fun to be with. We talked for a while in the photographer’s pit, where all the photographers had their huge cameras out getting ready to shoot Araisara’s collection.

The lights started to dim and the music started to play. Everyone was silent. The show had begun!

Models, models everywhere! They started walking down the runway looking like beautiful mannequins floating on ice. The clothes were bright, funky, and fun. The music was very loud and cameras were going “clique, clique, clique”. I took a lot of photos too.

After the show, we stayed for a while and I walked the runway with the lights still dim and the white carpet lit up. Without anyone knowing, I pretended to be a runway model carefully walking in a straight line. It was really fun. After the show, we walked outside and stood underneath Charlie’s umbrella for a while. It was really cool because I got to to see the models walk outside in their jeans and sneakers. They were just as pretty, but not in fancy clothes.

The show was amazing and being in Paris for the first time made it unforgettable.








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