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Written by Lais Lacher.
Photos provided by Mercado Global.

I am a huge fan of Mercado Global’s bags particularly for their combination of the past and future: traditional centuries old Guatemalan textiles paired fashion forward design so I was very excited when Fashiontographer got an exclusive preview of their Spring & Summer 2014 collection!

1. Marabella Clutch - Spring colors copy

The SS14 collection continues with their trademark Guatemalan textiles and stylish yet functional bag designs. The spring collection features an intricate diamond brocade pattern and bold stripes.

2. Elena Satchel - Summer Colors

The summer collection blends seamlessly from the spring but with the addition of bright yellow and deep blue and more casual triangle and dip-dye patterns.

3. Marta Satchel

New styles include the Marta Satchel which is the most chic model yet for Mercado Global. It is an elegant day bag that features double leather welt zipper pockets on both sides of the bag secured with leather puller tassels. The versatile bag can be carried with the feminine top handles or more convenient removable shoulder strap.

4. Elena Satchel - New Design

The Eleana Satchel is a spinoff of the popular Matea Weekender bag reduced in size for increased versatility.

5. Madeline Tote

The classic Madeline and Emilia Totes, Marabella Clutches and Matea Weekender styles have returned in fresh new colors and patterns.

6. Matea Weekender

My absolute favorite of the collection is the Matea Weekender bag with deep blue dip-dye foldover top and bright colored stripes on the body. It makes a perfect companion for a relaxed trip to the beach or an indulgent Sunday brunch.

Shop Mercado Global’s winter collection now and in March 2013 for their Spring/Summer Collection.

“We do not reinvent the wheel each season, rather, we learn from previous seasons design and development process to highlight the artisans most refined skills. The collections are an evolution of our partnership with the artisans, to understand their highest potential and allow their work to be shown as a piece of art rather than a craft or trend. This season, I wanted to focus on highlighting a specific technique, the “marcador,” a brocade technique that has been mastered in the western highland of Guatemala where most of our artisans live. I wanted to show the luxury potential of Guatemalan weaving with this simple brocade in a refined, but bold palette complimented by mixed patterns rooted in Mayan tradition.”

+ Interview with Ruth DeGolia, Founder, Mercado Global

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