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Written and photographed by Lais Lacher.

Lyne Desnoyers, the Artistic Director of MAC Cosmetics, was the lead makeup designer for Son Jung Wan’s Fall 2012 show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. She also worked on Dean Quinn, Odilon, M. Patmos, Correll Correll, and Haus Alkire for Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week.

Can you tell me about the colors and textures you chose for the Son Jung Wan show?
We are playing with Longwear creams that are called Paint by MAC Cosmetics. I am also using pro long wear eye shadows that will launch in Spring/Summer 2012. So basically what we do is create a base that is extremely stable with the paints and then adding a little bit of depth with the Pro Longwear eye shadows. For the highlight slash luminosity, we are using one of the new colors in the trend palettes that is quite a highly pigmented eye shadow and I am dabbing that exclusively on the eyelid so that we can have color and freshness at the same time.

The designer, Son Jung Wan, was using a lot of bold colors in her collection from deep reds to striking blues, how did that influence your choices with the makeup?
We had to counter balance. It’s true that when you have such an incredibly rich collection using a lot of colors and rich fabrics sometimes you have to pull back. Its good to pull back and to actually have something that will let the whole look breathe a little bit. The idea was to create almost an ageless makeup look because her clientele is incredibly wide. Women of every age really like her clothing so what happens is that we had to cater to all of that and we went for what makes women look beautiful. Making the eyes stand out, pure luminous skin, and just a beautifully dabbed on lipstick to imitate the color of the lips.

Did you work with the head hairstylist to create the overall look?
Oh yes, absolutely. It’s usually together that we work. The overall team always works together whether hair goes first or makeup second. It’s always a good balance between the two.


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