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Written and photographed by Lisa Klein. Story sponsored by Total Health Physical Therapy.


Leaving Zang Toi, I encounter a very tall English gentleman who is taking pictures of people attending the shows. This is happening all over the place but he stands out as he is so very tall, chatty, and British. It turns out he is married to a former model and loves to be at the shows to soak in the vibe. He takes a cute pic of me in my Custo dress (and where did I put his tumblr info?) and then tells me he has met the Queen of England. Not sure if he was making this up or not but it was a great story. I am now officially one degree of separation from Her Royal Highness.

My next show is Chado Ralph Rucci in the fabulously luxurious Theatre. I enter and realize my seat is in the second row. Second row? How is this possible and who cares?!? My seat is all the way in front by the model entrance so I have a legitimate reason to be on the runway before the show stalking celebrities. I am not disappointed!

Carmen Dell‘Orefice is standing with Hamish Bowles from Vogue. Across the way is Martha Stewart. And Carmen is now talking to Bill Cunningham. And here comes Jay from America’s Next Top Model. It is so much fun to be on the runway. I make my way to my seat as it’s getting closer to the show but who do I see just over to my right…. Paula Abdul! Yes! The very Paula Abdul, who is always on the worst dressed list for wearing various unfashionable concoctions, is here at Fashion Week avec moi! I am over the moon (ok, as much as you can be by seeing Paula Abdul).

I snake my way out of my seat and get some close pictures. She is adorable and petite and friendly and just a little cutie-pie. I manage to squeeze myself back into my seat just before the start of the show. I am able to take some halfway decent runway pictures as I am so close to the models and the light is good for the iPad. It amuses me to see someone on the other side raising their iPad up and down throughout the show to take shots and I realize I look just as ridiculous.

This show introduces me to a phenomenon I have yet to encounter at Fashion Week: clapping. On a few occasions when the audience deemed the clothing to be extraordinary, they actually clapped. It was marvelous and felt very Diana Vreeland. I have never seen that before, most likely because in many shows the music is so loud no one would even notice it. The Chado Ralph Rucci show was much more sophisticated in a quieter-music and appreciative-audience kind of way.

On to my last show of the day — Emerson. I am treated to Official Paula Abdul Sighting Number 2, which is a treat. She really is adorable and could probably fit in my pocket. I get some pictures of the band Shiny Toy Guns and as I am doing so, a fellow runway celeb stalker who looks like an actual photographer asks me if I see anyone else to shoot. When I answer with a smile, “Paula Abdul!” He answers, “Boy, you really are on your A game tonight!” Hilarious!

After my paparazzi bonding moment, I take my seat and scan around for other interesting people. I personally think celebrities should be forced to wear name tags because half the time I think I see someone who kind of looks like someone but can’t tell for sure. Labels really would make this much easier.

After a few minutes unsuccessfully scanning the crowd for interesting celebs, I decide just to relax and take in the show.


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