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Photos and text by Lisa Klein.

My last day started off with a very delicious brunch at The Mercer Kitchen in Soho with Jen Harlow, Walter, and Anastasia. We had some time so Jen and I went shopping before the next show, which was Custo Barcelona at 3 pm.  Jen Harlow was generously letting me use her seat as she knows I am a huge Custo fan and have been collecting his pieces for years. I scored a pair of amazing flat suede black boots at Anna Sui (at home I realized the boots are made by Hush Puppie?!!? What?!?!) and we schmoozed it up with the woman there who turned out to be the store manager and buyer (we were wondering why Anna Sui needs a buyer but after seeing my boots were made by Hush Puppie I think I now understand).  I passed Lais’ card along to her to give to the PR people; I’d love for us to get into that show at some point.

After Anna Sui we ended up at the Custo Barcelona store, where I scored a fabulous dress/tunic (Jen that dress you tried on was not too big for you, I hope you went back and got in on Monday).  While checking out at Custo, my debit card was rejected, crazy and not possible; the over reactive Wells Fargo people had decided NYC was so far out of my DC home area that apparently I should have notified them I’d be using my card there! Really? I called when I went out of the country but didn’t think to alert them when I went 4 hours away! Unreal; it’s almost 2 pm and I’m arguing with my bank, trying to get to the show by 3. Jen was very calm, bless her heart. They released my card, we found the subway and Jen and I navigated our way back up to Columbus Circle, to my hotel where I had time to change, freshen up, grab the mink, and make it to the show on time. A true Fashion Week Miracle.  And so very worth it; the show was fantastic and being able to see it sitting down was quite a refreshing experience.

I saw my first actual celebrity, Jill Zarin of NYC Real Housewives (I saw Jay McCarroll, winner of the first season of Project Runway in my hotel, does he still count?) I kind of felt like I was the only person not seeing celebrities (Although I’ve had this feeling before.  Years ago in Glacier National Park everyone around me were seeing bears, but all I ever saw was a snake that slivered past me on a hiking path). Anyway…

The final bit of fashion fabulousness, the icing on the cake, the piece de resistance as it were, was the last show, the DVF. I connected with my friend Soula who had our tickets and we made our way over to the show. This one took place in the really nice tent; the one I assuming all the top tier shows are in. It’s all black inside, not white like the others.  The seats are individual and covered with black.  It is a larger space but the entire runway has down the middle two rows of seats facing out (forming a U-shaped runway).  This created an additional two rows of first row seating, which is great if you happen to be in those seats but if you are sitting in an elevated row, like we were, your field of vision was cut off. When the show started (the show itself was spectacular) we realized we could only see the full model when she was turning on either end of the runway.

Be that as it may, this was the show for celebrity spotting. We were sitting a few rows behind Solange Knowles and Rachel Zoe was in my line of site. Lais got pics of Anderson Cooper, Oscar de la Renta, Barbara Walters (referred to by someone with me as “that elderly woman on The View”), Joanna Coles from Project Runway All Stars, and Brad from Bravo. From my seat I could see Molly Sims; the women behind me saw Cee Lo Green but I never could find him. The show was an amazing way to end my first Fashion Week experience.

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Being raised in New York by an artist mother, Lisa Klein has always been fascinated by design and artistry. Her interest in the design and artistry of fashion developed into a full fledged passion during her years as a sales associated at Saks Fifth Avenue during college. Lisa is currently the owner of Total Health Physical Therapy in Washington DC, a practice specializing in comprehensive structural physical therapy. Becoming adept at treating the structure of bodies has reinforced her love of clothing, artistry, and design. Lisa is thrilled to be able to merge her interests as a fashion correspondent. In her free time, she indulges her love of fashion by collecting vintage designer pieces. Some of her favorite designers are Alexander McQueen, Christian Siriano, and Nicole Miller.

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