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Written by Baille Gelwicks. Edited by Lais Lacher.
Photos courtesy of Elie Saab. More photos below.

Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds are a girl’s best friend in Elie Saab’s jewel toned Fall/Winter 2013 couture collection. Dresses are either defined at the waist by flared, voluminous waist lines or by slim belts. Adding a quotidian staple like a belt gives these dresses a certain structured power. Yes, these dresses may be wispy, feminine, and covered in opulence, but they can be rocked with an element of “everyday” and not lose an ounce of regalness. The pale jumpsuit with an embellished top is a great addition to the red carpet gowns and provides an entry point from prêt-à-porter to haute couture. Time will tell if this new silhouette is a one-time thing or the beginning of an evolution within the Elie Saab couture world.

In such a lavish line of gowns, one must pull out all the stops if looking to create a statement-making, memorable piece. The pièce de résistance of Saab’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection is a wedding gown that had more glitz and glamour than your bank account could imagine. A grand finale indeed!

Transporting the viewer into a dreamlike world, Saab’s signature couture style is built on delicate embroideries and fairytale creations. Monochromatic hues, intricate beading, tulle, and lace — this consistency has created a devoted following for him and his brand. You know what to expect from an Elie Saab collection and you know that you are getting something that no one else can do. He found his niche, he’s sticking to it, and we love it!



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