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Written by Lisa Klein.


I was recently given the opportunity to try the new luxury Bvlgari Facial at Nival Salon & Spa in Chevy Chase. I have to say the entire experience was absolutely fantastic. From the minute I stepped into Nival Salon & Spa on a December Friday afternoon, I started to feel all of my Holiday stress slip away. I was greeted by the friendly desk staff and was ushered into the spa waiting area by the wonderful practitioner, Tyson.

I had three choices for the type of Bvlgari Facial so I let Tyson choose for me based on my skin type. We went for the anti-aging one as it’s his favorite. After that, we retreated into the specialty facial room and from that point forward, it was total bliss.

I also learned that the Bvlgari Spa treatment is a rarity in the US as they are typically provided only at Bvlgari hotels. Having had many facials in my lifetime, I could definitely feel the difference.

My face was steamed, cleaned, massaged, and pampered into luxurious oblivion. I chose the Bvlgari White Tea scent for my shoulder and neck massage and I fell in love with the fragrance. By the time the facial was over, always far too soon, I felt utterly and completely relaxed and had no desire to leave whatsoever. Thankfully Tyson seemed to understand this as I’m sure it happens very often. The final touch of iconic luxury was the spray of Bvlgari White Tea, which stayed with me as a lovely reminder of my wonderful journey to deep relaxation.


Call for Appointment: (301) 951-4445 **

** Mention “FASHIONTOGRAPHER” and receive $40 off a facial or massage. And $20 off the blowdry.

The absolutely transformative Bvlgari White Tea and Green Tea fragrances can be purchased at the Bvlgari Boutique in Chevy Chase.

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