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Written and photographed by Danielle Green.

Hosted famously at the Lincoln Center, the fashion presentation had an air of intimacy much like that of a gallery. Each piece of sartorial work, carefully crafted by Designer Brandon Sun, was displayed by live mannequins who took sequent walks around the arrangement and filed back into place. Each donned a center-parted taut low bun topped off by citrus orange pouts. All attendees had an opportunity to gaze and discover each article of clothing for a seamless amount of time. The collection was representative of Sun’s inspiration, the Onna-bugeisha, a female Japanese samurai and the landscaping and architecture of the Imperial Villa in Kyoto, Japan. These strong references are noted throughout each garment’s silhouette, color story and construction details. Fur presented in a soft jade and mandarin orange was popped against whimsical color blocking of pastel pink and milky white while contrasting from structured leather ensembles and nuances of strong black lines. The complexity of the solid framework was a focal point while soft feminine touches provided a harmonious counterbalance.

What was your inspiration for the line?

I was really drawn to the Onna-bugeisha which was a female Japanese samurai woman. The reason why I was drawn is because she was equal parts warlord and mothering woman and that really reminded me of women that inspired me today; really strong, confident with a still very feminine, beautiful, simple side. Simultaneously I was researching Katsura and Imperial Villa in Kyoto japan. It had really ancient architecture and coupled with very modern day landscaping. It was set against the landscape of really incredible Japanese gardens. That influenced the color palette and the a-symmetrical architectural details as well as the armor and the soft fragile fabric.

Wow you speak beautifully!

Thank you I have been doing it all day.

So how did you get into design?

It just kind of happened — I’ve always wanted to do it but I never really knew it existed. I was on a college quest and one day I saw a fashion show and I was like oh my god that’s why I was drawing clothes when I was in the fourth grade.

What can we expect from you in the future with your line?

More clothes.

Are there any designers that inspire you?

I really love that have their own points of view, you know someone who breaks the bar and has a good statement and stays consistent to it and builds on their own individuality.


Brandon Sun began his fashion career after graduating from Parsons School of Design where he was honored with the coveted “Designer of the Year” title and the Gold Thimble. Previously, he won the National Scholarship from both the CFDA and the YMA and held internships with Jeffrey Chow and Calvin Klein. After his graduation, Brandon began working with two of the most distinguished American luxury brands: J.Mendel and Oscar de la Renta.

Within five years at J.Mendel, Brandon rose from Design Assistant to Designer and worked closely with Gilles Mendel; honing his technique in couture, tailoring, ready-to-wear and fur. In 2009, Brandon joined Oscar de la Renta as Design Director for the fur division, bringing a modern edge while learning from one of America’s most celebrated brands. Through 2010 and 2011, Brandon collaborated with American Legend for the re-launch of the renowned Blackglama ad campaign featuring Janet Jackson: What Makes a Legend Most?

In February 2011, Brandon Sun began to carve his own world by launching a signature collection of luxury fur accessories with distinguished international retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, BoontheShop, Savannah, Hirshleifers, and others. In February 2012, Brandon Sun presented a collection of ready-to-wear and fur during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, introducing his vision for an insouciant sense of style.

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